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At Lakeview Homes & Estates we are all Experienced, Professional, full time Realtors with the knowledge and skills  to assist you with this important decision and complicated process.  

At Lakeview Homes & Estates,  we don't just list your home and wait for a buyer  ... we actively look for a buyer by marketing your home.   Please call a Lakeview Homes & Estates Realtor and ask for a free, no obligation,  in-home evaluation to talk about how we will market your home to sell in the time that you want, at the best possible price.

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Closeness to schools and activities are important and a great selling point for your home in Lake County!


From Choosing Your Agent, To Dressing Your House -
Some Handy Hints For Selling Your Home....

Step One: Selecting the right agent for you is the first and most important step. Find an agent who is active where you live, who is knowledgeable about the market and who has been selling in your neighborhood.When meeting with the agent, important questions to ask are: “What are your qualifications, experience and track record?”, “How will you market the property?“What if I am not satisfied with your service?”. Find a Realtor® you can communicate with and feel comfortable with,  but be sure it is a Realtor® who can do the job for you.One who will actively market the property for you. Then, once you have selected your Realtor ® you will need to work with her or him to set the listing price.

Step Two: PRICING is a key factor. A realistically priced home will draw more interest and sell much more quickly than an overpriced property. Don’t let your emotional attachment and memories cloud your judgement in pricing. Remember ….“The sentimental value of a house is only in the memories it has provided for its owners. ‘To a buyer, a house is a commodity at this point in the process. While you establish the listing price it is the buyer who determines the selling price. A correctly priced house will often receive multiple offers. To establish a realistic listing price research the pricing of your competition, find out what “comparables” have sold recently in your neighborhood and what similar properties haven’t sold. Ask your agent to prepare a competitive market analysis of recent sales in your area.

Step Three: CLEANING is extremely important. Yes, you do have to have a clean home. An unclean or smelly house creates apprehension on the part of the buyer and many buyers will immediately disengage. For example, a buyer enters a dirty master bathroom with scum on the shower doors, dirty toilet, grungy tub, he or she will often feel tentative on what they will find next. The prospect will most likely remember the dirty master bathroom when he/she thinks of the house. If you are a smoker or have a pet,  it is doubly important to air out the house, wash, clean and shampoo before you put the house on the market. A deep clean not only looks great, it is uplifting. If it can’t be cleaned, paint it!

Step Four: REPAIRS: If you know it is broken, Fix It! It is common knowledge that if a house receives insufficient maintenance serious problems can arise. When a house is in need of repairs a buyer will feel justified in making a low offer, calculating the repair costs and time in their offer. You can offer a repair allowance but chances are if you go ahead and make the repairs yourself it will cost less than what you would have to reduce the price by. Keep in mind, a house cannot sell for top dollar if it is in less than perfect shape.

Step Five: STAGING: Last but not least, Dress your House for Success!! Many sellers hire a professional to come in and advise them on how to present the house to its best advantage. Or you can do it yourself. Walk around the house and visualize what you do not really need to display or what furniture can be moved. If a piece of furniture is obstructing the expansive view of the room or blocking the light, move it or put it in storage. Your goal is to create a roomy, comfortable feeling that is inviting to prospective buyers. When looking at the big picture remember “less is more”.

Lakeview Homes & Estates agents will be happy to stop by and assist you all aspects of selling your home. Call or email one of our experienced agents today!

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